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New Publication: “Equity, International Cooperation, and Global Public Health: Use of the Common but Differentiated Responsibilities Principle in the Fight against COVID-19”

Maïa-Oumeïma Hamrouni & Eric Canal Forgues Alter Abstract During pandemics, in which harm is universal, states find themselves under an obligation to cooperate within a global solidarity framework. However, because they do not have the same set of capabilities, their obligations should be differentiated and based on equity and distributive...

1st Edition of the ‘Social Sciences and Humanities Student Research Conference’, 14th of March, 2022

On March 14th, 2022, Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi organized a conference titled “The Social Sciences and Humanities Student Research Conference (SSHSRC)” which hosted 18 participants from various disciplines (sociology, geography, literature, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, political sciences) and from 6 universities in the UAE (American University of Sharjah, New York University...

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