Ongoing study : The Gambian Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission Documentation Process / by Dr. Proscovia Svard

Dr. Proscovia Svard, Associate Professor at the History Department is carrying out a study entitled “An Investigation of The Gambian Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) Documentation Process”

Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TCs) are temporary institutions that are set up to establish the truth by documenting patterns of past human rights violations, their causes and consequences. They have become popular mechanisms for investigating and documenting gross human rights violations and historical atrocities in post-conflict societies. Since the 1990s over fifty truth commissions have been established across the world. Among other objectives, TRCs are intended to enable victims to gain closure on bitter memories and for the perpetrators of human rights violations to speak out and ask for forgiveness. They provide a forum to discuss what went wrong and promote reconciliation within post-conflict societies as a way of preventing future conflicts. They are often intended to usher in a new democratic dispensation through the recommendations they make. The narratives that are shared by the victims and perpetrators are meant to create an understanding of the causes of conflict, counteract speculations and deniability, and facilitate reconciliation and healing. The Gambia experienced a 22-year dictatorship under the rule of Yahya Jammeh who came to power through the barrel of the gun and ruled between 1994 – 2017. The civilian population were exposed to extrajudicial killings, rape, torture, enforced disappearances, and numerous grievous human rights violations. After his fall, the Gambian Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) was established by the Act of the National Assembly of The Republic of Gambia in December 2017. 

She was recently interviewed by The Point, a gambian newspaper discussing her research trip to Gambia :

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Equipe de rédaction (2023, 5 juin). Ongoing study : The Gambian Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission Documentation Process / by Dr. Proscovia Svard. Regards intérieurs. Consulté le 27 mai 2024, à l’adresse

Equipe de rédaction

L'équipe de rédaction est composée de Maïa Hamrouni et Clio Chaveneau, Professeures assistantes à la Sorbonne Université Abu Dhabi.

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